How To Remove Stains From Carpet

Most every home in the modern and industrialized world will have carpets in either one room or several rooms. When there are carpets there is always the possibility that one of these can become stained either by an accidental spill or just plain high traffic across them. How do you remove these stubborn stains once they appear?

The first thing to do before removing a stain is to make sure you have eliminated the source. An example is if the stain is moldy in nature find out where the moisture is coming from and stop it. It does no good to remove a stain that’s source is still active and able to keep staining the carpet.

Is there any heavy residue present? Mud, pet feces, and other stain producers can often have a lot of the heavy residue cleaned up by hand removal before starting the stain cleaning procedure. You can also carefully loosen up any dried parts with a spoon and then use a vacuum to get most of it up. If it is a thin carpet such as an indoor outdoor rug you can even sweep it with a broom first.

It is always safest to start the actual stain removal just by applying hot soapy water and lightly scrubbing with a brush. This is a good idea because some carpets can fade if you use harsh chemicals to remove the stain. The key here is to just scrub lightly so you do not damage any of the fibre content in the rug. This method is effective a lot of the time and often no additional treatment is necessary.

For those stubborn stains adding a stain removal chemical may become necessary. Always try using the chemical for a hidden area of the rug first. Watch it for a few minutes to make sure there is no discolouration or other adverse effect in the trial area. If there is none then proceed to treat the stain area. If a little brushing is required then do it lightly. Do not over use the chemical when applying it to the stain and always blot up as much of both the stain residue and cleaner as possible with a cloth. Contact Sunshine State Carpet Cleaning to remove stains from your carpet immediately.

As with any expensive item such as carpet it is always a good to contact the manufacturer before cleaning to get stain removal tips from them. Many tips can also be found with internet searches. Follow these steps closely and you should be able to safely and efficiently rid yourself of that pesky stain.